Adlib fashion comes from the Latin term “Ad Libitum” which means freely and extolls the carefree spirit that characterized the style of the inhabitants of Ibiza.

The origin of the Adlib fashion goes back to the early 70’s with the arrival of the hippie movement and the Serbian princess Smilja Mihailovich, who coined the famous phrase “dress as you like, but stylish.” A style that is defined by the white color of fresh cotton handmade fabrics decorated with embroidery and lace.

The hippies were inspired by the traditional costumes of the native islanders to adapt to new trends, resulting in Adlib. This spirit, embodying freedom through new, fresh, comfortable and original designs, became known worldwide.

With the passage of time, the designs are renewed with more color, new shapes and textures, but the freshness and originality of the clothes are still preserved intact. A timeless style that keeps its roots.

We want to bring you our videos list which also you can enjoy through our awesome Vimeo video channel:

Pasarela Adlib 2014

Colección ‘Arena’ en la Pasarela Adlib 2013

Pasarela Costura España 2014

Pasarela ADLIB 2011